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GB Solutions was founded at the end of 2018 in order to help our partners solve their issues with innovative digital solutions.

We believe that in the future a successful product will require a harmony of strategy, design and development and engineering.

We are now more than 90 people. Our team's diversity and outstanding professional background can guarantee that our clients will successfully overcome the difficulties of the 21st century's ever-changing business needs as we give a helping hand to face the hard times.




Richard Lendvai

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My task is to deliver value in the best quality to our clients, meanwhile creating a technological environment, which our colleagues enjoy working in. I have been working in the IT sector for more than 14 years. During that time I have gained huge experience, however in the world of IT there will always be new ideas and knowledge which I haven't met before. That is why I need an excellent team, because I believe that we can only be successful together. Apart from my team my most important task is to maintain an appropriate coffein level in the company


Mate Jendrolovics
Founder, CEO

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My most important task is to surround myself with smart and motivated individuals and to create such an opportunity and environment for them, where they can love what they do and they can improve constantly. Besides that I spend most of my time on creating the new paths our company will follow. Before founding Solutions, I was working in Boston Consulting Group an international consulting firm in Budapest and in the London office as well. I believe, that with technology we can solve many problems in the world of finance. The biggest risk is to not take any risks.


Sandor Olti

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 I am responsible for the company's growth strategy, the introduction of new products and the strategic level guidance of all our ongoing projects. Before GB Solutions I was working at Boston Consulting Group in Budapest and in Dubai, where I was leading international projects corporations and governmental organizations. I believe, that if you put some smart people together into a room, they will be capable of solving any problem - the most important thing is to be open to expand our knowledge and to desire for new challenges constantly.

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Andras Sevcsik-Zajacz
Front-end and agile lead

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In the company, I am responsible for the technology and UX/UI design of the clients' platforms. Besides that I have to ensure that the agile development principles prevail in the company, so that we can deliver quicker and more flexible solutions, which can give answers to real business needs in the right time.

I joined to GB Solutions in June, 2019 - before that, I spent 3 years as a front-end architect and middle level manager in one of the biggest international banking development companies, called Finastra. Earlier, I have worked as a front-end developer in the world of online marketing and sports streaming.

My motto: If you ever feel, that you are the most talented person in the room, you need to find another room.


Aron Katona
Back-end lead

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I am responsible for the decisions of the server-side development.
I joined to GB Solutions in October, 2019 - prior to this I worked on integration of banking, finance and telco softwares for corporations. I've always searched for diverse challenges throughout my professional career, and thanks to this I have already met all aspects of software development. My goal is to create the best team possible both professionally and on the level of team cohesion as well. I don't believe in one man shows, I prefer the team's united force, because at the end of the day the only thing that will matter is how we can solve a problem together.


Tamas Laszlovszky
Data Science lead 

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As a Data Science lead I find knowing modern machine learning, AI and a wide range of data analysis methods essential, which helps my team support our clients' development. Before GB Solutions I did my PhD in systems neuroscience, where I analyzed biological data, and worked on upgrading hospital measuring systems. From basic research I moved to industrial application, at Bosch Corporate Research Center I worked on the developmental projects. My goal is to find more and more solutions to complex "Can we do this..?" questions in a wide range of data science fields.


Zsolt Mester
Mobile lead

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My role is to develop the mobile applications and lead the team on a day to day basis. I was the architect behind the team that developed several mobile applications. I have been with GB Solutions since early 2021, before I worked on mobile applications for 7 years for banks, airlines and a telecommunications company.  I like to work with a motivated group of people for projects that matter.

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